Track Ads

Get your ads to perform better

Monitor all of your competitors’ ads

Want to see every single ad that your competitors are running? We’ll show you!

Improve your own ads with their research

Why bother doing your own AdWord research when your competitors have already done it? Use the results of their research to boost your own conversion rates. Find out which of your competitors’ ads are doing the best so you can fix up your own.

Track changes in real time

Things are always changing, but that’s okay because you’ll always know when they do. No matter what time of the day or how often, you’ll always be notified of any changes that are made in the current ads of your competitors. You’ll also know whenever your competitors launch a new ad campaign, regardless of the keyword or area targeted.

Save money on ad spend

When your competitors aren’t spending as much on ads, then you shouldn’t be either. Monitor your competitors ad spend so you can adjust how aggressive your own ad spend is.