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Figuring out which keywords to target can be difficult. Make it way easier with CodeNameJack!

We’ll do all the work to determine the exact words and phrases your competitors are researching and using. Whether short-tail or long-tail, we’ll pinpoint the ones that are the most effective so you can leverage them, too.

Track changes

Your competitors are busy improving their websites, and it may occur on a daily or even hourly basis. Don’t get left behind.

We’ll track all the changes your competitors make to their websites in real time.  No matter when the change was made, or is being made, you’ll see it. From changes to visible images and copy to hidden meta information that only bots can see, you’ll be able to track them.

Monitor your competitors’ rankings

You’ll know right away when your competitors are making moves, whether they’re going up or down. Did one of your competitors just pop up on page 1 from nowhere? No worries — you’ll know why so you can work on doing the same!

We’ll also inform you of any newcomers on the scene who are targeting the same keywords as you that you weren’t aware of before.